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Changing Perspectives

            Change is inevitable to happen to each and everyone, it just depends on the .
             way in which change is accepted and embraced. This will ultimately determine .
             the way in which change will affect our lives. There are people in this world .
             that will be willing to change their view, attitudes and perspectives in their own .
             life. In contrast, there are people who are not willing to accept change within .
             their lifestyle and choose to stay the same. This idea of change being .
             accepted and adopted into every single person's life can be evidently seen in .
             the poem, ' The Door ' by Misoslav Holub, ' Immigrant Chronicle,' by Peter .
             Skrzynecki and the film, American History X, by Tony Kaye. .
             The poem titled, 'The Door' by Miroslav Holub, illustrates that change will .
             ultimately happen to eve person but the manner in which you accept change .
             will be the way in which change will affect your life. The poem presents the .
             door as a symbol. A closed door can be a barrier, a symbol of things that keep .
             us confined and limited as individuals. By opening the door we remove those .
             barriers and are introduced to possibilities. Thus, the door can be perceived .
             as both an entry and an exit. By opening, the door individuals choose to .
             change, to enter a new state of being, consider new things and alter their .
             present existence and perspective's. In this way, the door can also be an exit, .
             as individuals leave their limited world of thinking through the door and .
             embrace change and variation. The repetition of the words "Go and open the .
             door makes the reader consider a range of possibilities as to what may lie .
             behind that door. The use of imperative creates an emphatic tone that .
             implores us to take a chance and leave our "comfort zones," and change our .
             perspective on the world and society today. The door can be seen as a dual .
             metaphor for what restricts us to our own perception and way of thinking, as .
             well as being a gateway to opportunity and change.

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