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Changing Perspectives

            Change comes in many forms and has a range of effects on those who experience it and respond to it,.
             How have the texts you have studied developed your understanding of the nature of change and its effects?.
             Change makes itself manifest in many forms, and it is these forms that are often inspiring, enlightening, painful and recount nostalgic memories of an individual. I believe that these wide range of effects are made manifest in the cultural, physical and psychological forms of change. Skrzynecki's Selected Poems, Hannah Robert's Sky High, Doctor Patrick Kjeurald's scientific journal from the New Scientist, and Brett Murphy's feature article His Own Private Graceland, each exhibit these forms of change whilst exploring the effects of change on the various personas and speakers.
             Firstly, I would like to discuss the physical aspects of change in 10 Mary Street, a poem by Peter Skrzynecki. It underlines the nostalgic effect "change" has on the persona, whilst enlightening the reader that change may not always be desirable. This is clearly demonstrated in the change in perspectives as the past shifts to the present in the second and third stanzas. "Tended roses and camellias like adopted children" is a sentimentalized image of the past way of life, where the simile emphasizes the love and care of the fecund land. However, this episode of the second stanza is juxtaposed with the factual representation of the present, in the third stanza. .
             "The whose block has been gazetted for industry.".
             Also, there is a stark contrast of the fecund images of the past with the present; the persona observing the "dug-up beds". This contrast emphasizes this loss, also accentuated by the vivid imagery of the past as compared with the present. Subsequently, this physical change evokes both a sense of loss, and nostalgia for the past, as demonstrated through the voice and the persona.
             In the same poem, I noticed the importance of the change in time; it shifts from the past, present, to future tense, which is indicative of a time line.

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