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Changing Perspectives

            An appraisal of Peter Skrzynecki's poetry and other relevant texts illustrates that Changing Perspective is a dynamic and evolutionary process, culminating in the transformation or modification of one's own outlook. A study of varied texts reveals that the journey to changes in perspective may be gradual or instantaneous, a significant event often prompting an epiphanic recognition of change. Changing Perspective can engender a spectrum of emotions, stimulating the positive effects of growth and awakening or the negative repercussions of distress and hopelessness. Regardless of their occasionally inconvenient consequences, changes in perspective are unavoidable, inevitable and integral parts of life. Forcing people to assess and re-examine themselves, Changing Perspectives is necessary for maturation and personal growth. .
             Peter Skrzynecki's insightful study of his father in "Felix Skrzynecki" effectively conveys the concept of Changing Perspectives and the inconveniences changes can bring. In the highly subjective and evocative text, Skrzynecki captures and expresses the relationship between the father and the composer and the growing detachment of the son from the father's perspective. The persona undergoes a major change in perspective throughout "Felix Skrzynecki" as he experiences personal development and maturity. At first, the poet is unable to understand the hardships his father has endured or his attachments to his Polish culture. However, use of the adjective "gentle" demonstrates the poet's affection and solicitude towards his father. The paternal portrait given by the poet is further defined by the simile "loved his garden like an only child".
             The poet's changing perspective of his father is catalysed by the inexorable process of maturation. In saying "I never once heard/Him complain of work, the weather/Or pain" and "Happy as I have never been" the son proclaims that his alienated perceptions of his father's physical appearance and Polish culture have changed to feelings of admiration.

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