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Walter White - Breaking Bad

            , also known by his clandestine pseudonym "Heisenberg," was a former chemistry teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After being diagnosed with lung cancer, Walter started to manufacture crystal methamphetamine to be able to pay for the expensive treatments following his cancer. After years of working in Sandia Laboratories, he became a former chemistry teacher at JP Wynne High School and worked at A1A Car Wash. "I asked him if he could give me a hand on some whip downs since he was just standing around," said Frank, Walters Manager at A1A Car Wash. His response was something I would've never expected from him, said Frank. He yelled "f-ck you" multiple times and exposed an inappropriate action towards me by revealing his private parts.
             Former workers and family members say he was getting aggressive as time went on but no one knew why.
             "I kept telling friends, family and acquaintances that he was just quiet and that was always my excuse for everything. I kept asking him where he was when he would come home at 3 AM, and there would be no answer.".
             After years without the name "Heinsenburg" being revealed, there was a investigation to where the meth lab would've been. Finding an RV in the desert of Albuquerque, criminal investigators have proven that Walt used his chemistry knowledge to cook remarkably potential methamphetamine also known as "Pilot." Making a starting income of $737,000, later on police have found Walter had made over $80 million. "He didn't tell us about his chemo nor about having lung cancer until months later. I would ease drop his phone conversations at times and would always hear the name (Captain Cook) being brought up in conversation.".
             After multiple investigations between life at home and work, "Captain Cook," referred as a methamphetamine dealer and former student of Walter. Questioning the death of Walter occurring in the same spot, Jesse and Walter's family were later notified that Jesse knew the "connections" and Walter knew the "chemistry" which then they teamed up to make the business.

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