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Warm Bodies - Novel Summary

            Warm Bodies is a post-apocalyptic fiction and paranormal romance novel, written by Isaac Marion. The novel incorporates various aspects of black humour within the futuristic setting, which thematically sets the presentiment of the novel. Isaac Marion's debut novel is narrated by 'R', a young man with an existential crisis – he is a zombie. The narrative starts off with a quote that is utterly contradictory, "I am dead, but it's not so bad". Using simply eight words, R captivates what it means to be a zombie, by expressing how zombies live in an eternal state of dispiritedness, not alive, not actually dead, however just there. A catalyst drives humanity into the darkness and situates a new dystopian world. One day, whilst hunting for brains, R eats the brain of Perry Kelvin. Eating brains allows zombies to envision the recently-devourer's memories, consequently, R sees that Perry is madly in love with a girl named Julie Grigio. His outlook on life, articulate a change that indicates there is yet faith for a revival of human spirit, as he encounters the young girl Julie. The novel captivates R's perception on being alive, being dead and the hazy line in between. Overall, Warm Bodies was an enjoyable read. .
             The protagonist rendered throughout Warm Bodies is the zombie R. Like every other lifeless person in this grim new dystopian world R shambles around, groaning, grunting and attacking humans. However, R is not a gross, festering zombie, he's still "in the early stages of decay" (page. 1), possibly in his twenties or early thirties. He does not remember his old life, who he was or where he came from; nothing else apart from the first letter of his name, R. He lives in an abandoned airplane and hoarders any fascinating object he comes across, including vinyl records of Frank Sinatra. Conversely, R is extremely unusual in comparison to the average zombie, he craves something more than blood and brains.

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