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Fahrenheit 451 book report

             Author and date written: Ray Bradbury; 1953.
             Country of author: United States of America .
             Guy Montag- He is the main protagonist in the story. He is a typical ignorant citizen until he meets Clarisse. He realizes that burning books is not the answer. He is a man who is willing to learn, but has a hard time grasping information. "I've been an idiot all the way I thought I had part of the Book of Ecclesiastes and maybe a little of Revelation" [150].
             Mildred Montag- Mildred is Guy Montag's wife. She is the perfect example of an ignorant citizen. She is clueless and only wants to be one of the crowd. Her entire life revolves around the television and her "family". "His wife stretched on the bed, uncovered and cold, like a body displayed on the lid of a tomb" [20].
             Clarisse McClellan- Clarisse is a 17-year-old girl with the wisdom of an old man. She has a miraculous gift of observation. She shies away from conformity and is killed because she questions things, instead of just accepting them. "Her face was a slender and milk-white, and in it was a kind of gentle hunger that touched over everything with tireless curiosity" [5].
             Captain Beatty- Beatty is the captain of the firehouse. He leads the men to the houses to have them burnt. He is a stubborn man, who in reality hates his job. He is obsessed with fire and its beauty. He refuses to accept that fire has a scientific explanation; he thinks it's a phenomenon. "Beatty flicked his igniter nearby and the small orange flame drew his fascinated glaze" [115].
             Professor Faber- He is an old English professor who was put out of a job because nobody wanted to learn anymore. He helps Montag try and bring books back. Faber is a very smart man, but he is also a fearful one. He is very cautious and in an emergency would do anything to help only himself. "The old man admitted to being a retired English Professor who had been thrown out upon the world forty years ago when the last liberal arts college shut for lack of students and patronage" [75].

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