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Mother and Daughter in The God of Small Things

            In Arundhati Roy's complex novel, The God of Small Things, Love Laws are presented as rules that people are supposed to follow. Love laws within the novel set the standards for whom people should and should not love and are based on their family's upbringing and the relationships between the families of the loved ones. Love laws reflect a complex mix of social constructs and Indian History. Ammu, as mother of the twins Estha and Rahel faces obstacles such as class divisions and the lack of patience from her family as she juggles motherhood and living her life as a young woman. Her love for her children doesn't match the undying love that she has for Velutha, an "untouchable" branded by the old caste system in India. Ammu struggles with loving her children and loving herself more as she will put herself first when deciding what is best for her and the twins. These love laws shape and hold back these families because of the importance that they hold. The formation of these laws involves both love and hate as laws are made to protect and love those who fit these forced standards.
             Old Love Laws can be broken and new ones can be formed based on the power that the individual gives law and tradition. After Rahel disrespects Ammu, Ammu responds by saying "when you hurt people, they begin to love you less". She continues emphasising her point telling Rahel that her "careless words" eventually make people "love [her] less"(107). Rahel's "frightened eyes" look back at Ammu as she realizes that her mother's love is dispensed only when Ammu feels Rahel is worthy of her time (107). As a mother, Ammu is expected to love and protect her child no matter the circumstance but instead Ammu breaks the love law between mother and daughter. These broken love laws affect everyone around the law. Ammu's "Love had been re-appointed" because Ammue loved Rahel less (109).

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