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The Road Less Taken by Robert Frost

            "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost is often referred to as "The Road Less Traveled." This poem gives insight into the diverging paths in one's life that they must choose between. The fork in the road metaphorically symbolizes the freedom one possesses to make their own choices without any determinism of their ultimate fate. One's life is self-deceiving and inevitably determined through choice and chance with no separation between the two. .
             The interpretation of this poem is often misconstrued due to the memorization of its lines that are never truly read. Frost's poem has become easily recognizable through its references in commercials, television shows, and other publicized items. However, when one refers to this poem, they often think of it as one where the individual standing in the woods makes a triumphant decision to differ from the crowd and take the "road less traveled." This interpretation of the poem leads the reader to believe that the man standing in the woods is examining a fork in the road – one worn down and one that looks new. It gives a visualization that the one road has been untouched, untraveled, and unexplored. The opposing road then leaves a visual of having numerous footprints, leaving anyone who chooses this road to be a follower. The road that is often taken is deemed predictable as others have explored it before. This leaves the one less traveled to be a mystery. This interpretation of the poem gives a sense of self-actualization and individualism when, in fact, this is not the salutatory perspective Frost deemed. .
             If one was to analyze the true meaning of this poem it would be evident that Frost is not referring to a road less traveled. The traveler in the woods is faced by two identical forks in the road. However, he stands there analyzing the two options only to conclude that they "had worn them really about the same" (10).

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