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Rewards and Talent Management in Organizations

            Multinational companies and industries pay more attention to talents that enable them to forge ahead in the rather competitive business scene. Talent management forms an integral part of corporate human resource managers' job and has gained significant traction from both human resource management experts and human development professionals. Arguably, it is prudent for human resource managers to develop talents rather than acquire them. Therefore, talent and talent management is a priority area that firms strive to explore in pursuit of competitiveness.
             The success of an organization depends on the ability of its human resource management department to attract and retain competent personnel in the organization. Potential employees would consider an organization to be attractive when their career development, emotional comfort, financial benefits, job satisfaction are effectively managed. Effective talent management practices drive employees to focus on their responsibilities, thereby making a particular position attractive. Firms should place value on various employees' positions to promote confidence and own initiatives among workers.
             Some of the most important drivers of employees' attraction are career advancement opportunities, job security, basic salary, vacation, and organizational reputation. In the modern business world, employees are interested in finding organizations that can not only provide a promising job for them but also facilitate their career and personality development. More often than not, firms hire employees at some level of experience, and the success of an employee in a new workplace depends on the plans that the human resource management has towards developing their careers.
             Additionally, the security of a job that organization offers would motivate expatriates to apply for the job. The most important consideration when it comes to job safety is the organization's competitiveness, and ultimately, growth prospects.

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