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Bob Dylan: An Influence

             Before the Beatles, pop art, and new wave there was Bob Dylan. An influential poet, writer, and musician who redefined American pop music. Dylan was able to use his skills to successfully reach an outstanding degree of accomplishments. Being able to take the term literature and give it a whole new meaning, Dylan has made a significant change in today's music listeners. Dylan was capable of taking his ability to write, his ability to perform, and putting them with the time he had to spare to become one of the most enigmatic, prolific performers in the world.
             In the time of Bob Dylan's music, the world separated literature and music. Music included lyrics, beats, rhythms, and instruments. Literature, on the other hand, was strictly for poetry, ballads, letters, and stories. Never before had anyone considered the opportunity for song lyrics to be considered literature. People strongly thought of the two as being very different categories. With both literature and music being respected in their own unique way, Bob Dylan came along to add a new element. During his time, Dylan was known for his touching songs, however, many did not consider him a poet. This thought was false. Dylan was a poet first and foremost. Poetry was his passion from an early age. "I consider myself a poet first and a musician second. I live like a poet and I"ll die like a poet (Anderson)." With these words coming from Dylan himself, it is hard to understand why he was only thought of as a musician by the world around him. It would be his moving poems that would cause people everywhere to look at song lyrics in a different light.
             In meetings, Bob Dylan had raised an interesting question. "Is it possible for a performance art to be considered literature (Marcus 119)?" Bob Dylan's music was unique; he was able to intertwine his lyrics through the life he had lived and through the events of the world around him.

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