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Colgate­-Palmolive: The Golden Standard

            As the world continues to become more connected through technology, the spreading of ideas travels across the world in seconds. One idea that's been around for centuries is the worldwide abolition of slavery. In the United States, it is commonly considered an old problem. However, in many countries, it remains a very significant issue. When filling out the survey to determine the number of slaves I use in my daily life, I was surprised to find that my lifestyle.
             involves the use of 35 slaves! .
             After I finished the survey, I brushed my teeth and pondered on the thought that my toothpaste may have been manufactured by slaves. Although my Colgate­-Palmolive brand toothpaste was made in America, I still wondered if there was slavery used in the company for other brands under their name. To my surprise, Colgate­-Palmolive Inc. is one of the most progressive companies when it comes to unfair treatment of employees and slavery.
             Colgate­-Palmolive is an American company that originally started as two different soap companies. In 1926, Colgate and Palmolive merged to become the company they are today. As I searched their company website, I was able to find their most recent sustainability report. The report contained all sorts of interesting and intriguing information (worth the read in my opinion). The first piece of information that caught my eye was under the section "Striving to be an Employer of Choice." To do this, Colgate­Palmolive offers many employee training, education, and growth program. In many cases, they require employees "to participate in an Individual Development Planning to agree on an annual learning and development plan.".
             Colgate­-Palmolive also has a "You Can Make a Difference" award that rewards employees who "exhibit innovation, ingenuity, and executional excellence." Clearly, Colgate­Palmolive wants their employees to advance and learn so they may become a valuable asset to their company.

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