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The Golden Age

             was known as the age of the five good .
             This led the Roman Empire to economic prosperity and the era of the Golden .
             Age. Shortly after the period of the five good emperors the Empire gave way to chaos .
             and stress. This turned Rome into a downward spiral which left many things in ruins. In .
             284-337 A.D reconstruction started to take place under the rule of Diocletian and .
             In the Golden age the five good emperors, were among the wisest, most honest .
             and, determined men to have ruled Rome. This was a time that was incomparable to .
             previous era's. The Golden Age emperors created a period of peace and opulence. The .
             Roman government was changing; the importance of the emperor was increasing. .
             Although these emperors where not power hungry they became the source of all power .
             and leadership in the empire. The army which no longer needed to be mobile set up forts .
             near the boarders. A road system was built to aid trade and the military forts. Roman .
             citizenship was sought after, barbarians and men from provinces would join the Roman .
             army to learn trade and gain citizenship. Culturally Rome was an extraordinary city by .
             ancient standards. They had a fire and police force. Rome was a healthy and safe place to .
             reside. Also the emperor provided citizens with grain, oil, and wine ensuring the poor and .
             idle would not starve. The emperor also entertained the people with gladiators and .
             chariot contests. Rome had transformed into one of the happiest epochs in Western .
             The Roman society went from economic prosperity, to a military monarchy. .
             Military success led to chaos in the time of the Barrack Emperors. In the previous .
             hundred and thirty nine years the army was protecting the people and expanding the .
             empire. During 235 to 284 A.D. the time of the Barrack Emperors caused the break .
             down of central authority allowed lawless soldiers to take advantage of farmers. This .
             created great turmoil in farm and village life.

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