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golden age

             The Golden Age Of Islam.
             Islam is one of the major religions of the world, believers consist of about one fourth of the Earths population. It is told that a man named Muhammad was asked by an angel to spread the word of the one true God. He obeyed what the angel told him and the religion of Islam began to unfold. .
             Muhammad lived in the land of Mecca, it was an area for trade and Bedouins. Trade consisted of perfumes, ivory, spices, silk and metals. Bedouins would travel through the desert, herd animals, and act as guides for caravans. Merchants used religion to make alliances with them, they invited the Bedouin's into the Kabah to worship. Inside the Kabah there was the sacred black stone, which was a meteorite that fell from space, and other objects that were sacred to the Meccans. Worshippers from all over Arabia went to Mecca to worship the Kabah. Muhammad was an orphan, both of his parents died before he had reached the age of seven. Muhammad started to work in Mecca's caravan trade, he traveled to Syria and saw many new and different places. He married a wealthy women name Khadijah at the age of twenty five, and she was impressed by his hard work and honesty. Muhammad went on walks in his free time and liked to be alone to pray and think. One night he was approached by an angel, she said that the people had lost there truth faith and were worshipping false gods. He was told to have the people obey the one true God. .
             Omar Khayyam, was a Muslim astronomer and a famous mathematician he is a great example of the great things that happened during the Golden Age. From the year eight hundred to the year one thousand one hundred is known to be a brilliant time, there was works of literature, medicine, math and science. There was more than enough money because of all the lands that the empire controlled, and trade. Baghdad was the capitol of the Muslim empire at the time, this was a great center for trade, and is a reason for the many riches of the Golden Age.

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