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The Constitution of America

            On September 17th, 1787, I believe, one of the most powerful documents of all time was approved by our new government. Over 200 years ago the constitution created a core format for which the United States of America has profited from ever since. I don't believe anyone can really dispute that fact. If there was such thing as a perfect system of government, then the idea of communism would be loved instead of feared. It is human nature to survive, and their perception of survival and their free will, generally leads to greed and corruption. I believe that the constitution was created in the mindset of our fathers to be for the greater good. .
             From the time I was a child doing the pledge of allegiance in class, to the present time, when I think of the name of our country and its definition, I think freedom. That one meaning has never changed for me. I believe that is a direct result of the constitution. When the constitution was created, it took the core ideas of monetary rule, threw out the ideas that most despised, and incorporated new ideas and rules that were to benefit the people. For the first time, a government was designed by common people. There wasn't a parliament or a king dictating how a government should be ruled. The constitution outlined principles for the good of the people. It gives the people power they never had before, hence it makes one feel free.
             For example, popular sovereignty gives the people the power to choose. The idea of a republican government, again gives the people the power to chose who they want to represent themselves in making the decisions. The constitution limits the government and separates the powers so no one person has more control. A federal system allows states to have rights. All of these principles do one very important thing. It gives people who thought they had no power, power. .
             Whether it is 1783 or 2003 the constitution has proven to work.

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