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Ideals of the American Constitution

            Leading up to the creation of the constitution, America was a broken system, that needed fixing. The constitution was the great solution to all of the problems. During the revolution it seemed like all political ruling was rather frenetic, the articles of confederation being one of the main perpetrators in this area. While the articles of confederation was a decent starting point, it did not deal with a lot of the modern issues the government faced. The newly formed government had to deal with slavery, unbelievable taxing, poor business, criminals, and angry people who could not even vote. The articles of confederation were just not prepared to deal with this during the transitional time period. The Constitution fulfilled the three ideals the country decided it needed, freedom, liberty, and equality. .
             Freedom was deemed a fundamental right to the citizens of the United States when the constitution was formed. Freedom was the entire reason for the Revolution. The founding Father's first goal when forming the constitution, was to enforce the freedoms of the people and to protect it. The main goal behind the constitution was to set inalienable rights that could be practically timeless, as it is still used in modern times, but with clearly changed rules for changing times. Freedom for everyone was very loosely interpreted by the Southern states, but this was addressed in the constitution by the 13th amendment. The thirteenth amendment was set in place to put a real end to slavery, but did not fully succeed without federal supervision which was important to make sure every person could be given the right to freedom. In essence, freedom was what fueled the early U.S. citizens, freedom was hard to give, but it was given, accomplishing one of the goals the Constitution was made for.
             Freedom was only the first part though, what came from freedom was liberty. Liberty is the state of being free without oppression from any source.

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