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The Problem with the American Constitution

            In order for us to explore whether or not there is any truth in the above statement we must give an accurate assessment of the fundamental principles of the American constitution outlining its social moral and legal implications. In order for us to do this we must analyse the document from an historical perspective outlining its major strengths and weaknesses whilst providing a critical account of its continuing relevance and enduring status as the supreme legal document in contemporary American society.
             The origins of the American constitution lie in the struggle for independence of the 13 British colonies in the America's. Under British sovereign rule the states had become subjected and confined to laws laid down by the monarchy of England. It is necessary for us to provide a brief analysis of the colonies under British rule, as it was American societies reaction to the harsh nature of the imposed laws under the despotic reign of George 3rd that led to the declaration of independence on July 4th 1776 and ultimately to the creation of the constitution in 1787. Prior to the states gaining independent status the American colonies were dominated by the imperial doctrine of the British Empire and were consequently subject to the subsequent demands of such laws even though they were not for the benefit of the colonists. Laws passed by the British government included those, which imposed Taxation without representation and imposed heavy restrictions on imports and exports. Instead of money collected by the British being inwardly invested throughout the Americas it was dispatched back to Britain. This became a major factor culminating in the eventual rebellion of the colonies, and was a key event in determining the contents of the written constitution that from the outset aimed to implement a government system that was anti monarchical which in turn meant full government accountability, a visible administration and a fracturing of all powers.

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