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Montego Bay - My Kind of Paradise

            Everyone wants to find his or her own kind of paradise. I found mine on a small island in the country of Jamaica. To me, Montego Bay is the most beautiful place to visit. There are so many beautiful sites to see on this tropical island, from waterfalls and rivers to white sand beaches and mountains. It just takes you away to a peaceful time. The first step you take out of the airplane into the Kingston Airport you get a breath of relaxation and serenity. The weather was hot, the sun was beating down and all you want to do is jump into a pool. After going through security and the baggage claim that's when the experience begins. .
             Ninety minutes of driving through the coastal planes and scattered hills on the way to the resort, you see the different culture and environment the people of Jamaica live in. The roads weren't like the ones we have in the United States; they are not well kept and had a lot of potholes. The Jamaican drivers were not as cautious as American drivers. They do not slow down because of "twist and turns", and were not afraid to maneuver around cars, potholes and people in the way.
             Looking out the window you saw houses, farms, little markets and wandering goats. The houses looked as if the were abandoned but the way Jamaicans built their houses was way different than how we build them in the U.S. The houses were mainly made out of concrete and the paint looked like, at one time, it was very bright and vibrant but over the years it has faded to duller shades. The closer you get to the resort the nicer the houses appeared to get. They often referred to this area as "The Beverly Hills of Jamaica".
             Once you step off the bus into the lobby, which was immaculate with an open-air concept, you are greeted and shown where you can check in. The employees make you feel very welcome; you even get a complimentary welcome drink while you are waiting for your room. The resort hotel had a very warm and welcoming feeling.

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