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Revenge on Child Sex Offenders

            What makes a person decide to take away a child's sense of security, belonging, self? Why would someone want to hurt a child in such a manner that it crumbles their whole sense of being? When does a person decide when and who they will ruin next? These are questions that are not easy to answer since people who hurt children are very emotionally and mentally unbalanced. However, they tend to allow them to walk from their sentencing instead of punishing them to the fullest for doing such harmful things to children. They need revenge.
             In Child Abuse & Neglect (1995), ninety-one child sex offenders are interviewed about the ways they use to target children, the ages, and their suggestions on how to prevent it. Unfortunately, only nearly half of them had bad feelings about sexually molesting these children. We see in this research that more than half of these offenders were also victims of sexual abuse as a child. Over half of the offenders knew their victims through family, friends or caretaking. According to most offenders' perceptions, "the child who was most vulnerable had family problems, was alone, was non-confident, curious, pretty, 'provocatively' dressed, trusting, and young or small." (584) It is very hard to understand what makes someone a child sex offender. It can be attributed to being victims themselves or developing some abnormal behaviors as children without anyone reporting it. .
             "At a young age, children display some sexual behaviors, which are part of normal child development", as it's mentioned in the book Comprehensive Mental Health Practice with Sex Offenders and Their Families (2006), by John S Wodarski, M. Carolyn Hilarski. (1) There are no specifics on how one becomes a child molester, however, Wodarski and Hilarski mention that some children's behavior are not normal and because people do not want to attribute sexual behavior to children, it allows them to grow up believing they can continue their behavior and are not flagged early on.

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