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Tv Violence

             Television Violence has a Huge Impact on our Students Minds and Behaviors.
             Every child loves watching television. Television gives children a lot of information,.
             comfort, pleasure, excitement and it passes time. Parents like television as well. If parents are.
             busy they will often turn on the television and tell their child to sit and watch. As long as they.
             are quiet and aren't in the way you assume things are well, right? Wrong! Over the past two.
             decades, schools seem to be attracting more and more attention from the media and newspapers,.
             not because several students made the honor role or set impressive accomplishments, but.
             because of the increase in violent acts in our school systems. .
             1. Where did violence come from?.
             2. Violence is Everywere?.
             3. Do we use violence as an scape-goat?.
             4. Does violence on television impact youth minds and behaviors?.
             5. Is it to late for change.
             The paper will refer to different satistics and facts that were gathered by professors and.
             researchers to discuss the five questions.
             Where Did Violence Come From.
             In the 1950's the development of the television was huge . The government thought it.
             would be great for education purposes. Televisions consisted of black and white programs and.
             often the television boxes were small. Programs that were on first on television were show.
             concentrated on comedies, perfect families, quiz show, and shows about heroes( where the.
             good always defeated the bad). It wasn't until the 1960's when television really to off. Fifty.
             million people had television sets in their homes. the sixties were called the rebellious period.
             because there was president assassinations, violent demonstrations, KKK, and the Vietnam War. .
             The Vietnam War was often known as the living room war because it brought the action right to.
             our faces and this was the beginning of bringing violence away from homes into homes. .
             Although television was created to better education and communication, it has now.

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