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Physical Education Programs: Mental and Academic Performance

            A physical education class (PE) is a class that teaches sports and basic exercises like basketball, volleyball, pushups and running. It is a class that promotes health and sportsmanship. However, according to The Spark Programs, some if not a lot of schools have decided to reduce the amount of time spent for PE so that they can devote more time for academic. A lot of schools have also reduced funding for PE lessening the amount of activities possible and decreasing the interest of children in doing physical activities. .
             Mental performance or cognitive function refers to a person's ability process thoughts. Memory, the ability to learn new information, speech and reading comprehension are all part of cognition. Cognitive function is at its peak at childbirth and declines over time. This is measured through IQ (Intelligence Quotient) tests though not always accurate in truly measuring the full capacity of one's cognitive function/mental performance. One can enhance his/her cognitive function through mathematical problems, puzzles, and other brain exercises. Conditions like dementia and down syndrome greatly affect one's cognitive function.
             Mental performance/cognitive function and academic excellence usually go hand in hand. The trend usually goes higher mental performance equals higher academic grades and lower mental performance equals not that high grades. However, there are also a lot of other factors that can affect this trend like priorities, EQ (Emotional Quotient), and laziness. For example, you may have a high IQ but you don't study and/or listen in class. That would obviously lead to poor academic performance. Having a high cognitive function may not automatically mean higher grades but it would surely help. You may think that since running around wouldn't have any relation your English test, PE classes would have no good effect or even negative effect on your academics. But, according to numerous studies by people like Dr.

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