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Descripitve Child Case Study

             Age of child at time of visit: 4 years & 6 months.
             Her delivery was natural, and was overdue. Kaihanna has a dark complexion and big brown eyes. She has a slim build although her stomach is quite round. She has very little hair for her age due to the fact that she had to shave it off because she had eczema. She has a full set of baby teeth; she has a diastema in her front teeth which she seems to have inherited from her mother and her older brother. Her birth weight was 9.12 ½ and her birth height is unknown. .
             Kaihanna is a bubbly, temperamental, assertive child. She is not afraid to express what her feelings are and can be quite manipulative at times. She does not really like to be praised and likes to think of herself as a 'naughty' girl. She is mischievous and easily bored so I had to find various activities for her to do. Kaihanna is very advanced and mature for a 4 year old. She can write her own name and knows her 5 and 10 times table. She has difficulties telling her left from her right, and she sometimes needs help from her mum to sound out the letters in order for her to write a word. Kaihanna enjoys reading and sometimes makes up her own stories. Her favourite food is pasta and Bolognese and she detests insects, especially spiders. Her much loved toy, bizarrely is a toy trolley which she takes with her everywhere. .
             When a favourite toy is taken away, Kaihanna has a tendency of throwing objects around and putting them in the bin. She does not like eating food, and her mum tells me that she only eats snacks and lunch bit by bit and in her own time.
             During my visit, Kaihanna displayed some peculiar behaviour such as:.
             Licking the floor.
             Bite my shirt.
             Pulling my hair out and putting it in her mouth.
             Nibbling the carpet.
             Kaihanna does not have most of the characteristics children her age do, as most four year olds girls are more interested in Barbie dolls and make believe games.

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