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Neutrality in Child Protection Mediation: An Analysis

            Neutrality in Child Protection Mediation: An Analysis.
             The research investigated in this study of the child protection services was clearly described. The problem area, which was examined, was vividly elaborated. It is clearly stated that the problem area of this study was the comprehension of the processes of mediation in child protection. In addition, the fundamentals features, which are necessary to create effective working relationships with all individuals, involved in child mediation services cases. This study mainly focusing on the issue of neutrality of the mediators used in child protection services cases. .
             Various types of background information are essential to better understand and prepare for such a study as this. A through evaluation of previous literature dealing with similar, yet simultaneously unalike cases is extremely beneficial to understand the problem stated. A review of literature stated in the introduction allows for the reader to recall data contained in those readings, and subsequently prepare to read the data presented in the succeeding study.
             The purpose of this was to focus on a problem investigated in previous studies in a new, more distinct manner then employed in preceding studies. Although the issue of neutrality in child protection services has been examined in the past, this study bring about the use of comprehensive interviews with family members and other professionals involved in mediation and other child protection processes. No previous study utilized interviews as through as the ones conducted in this study in their research. These interviews proved to provide essential contributions to the child welfare and mediation literature. .
             Extensive, long-term research into the issue of mediation in child protection requires absolute objectivity. The researcher must not possesses any type of biases that may influence his or her conclusions, and in the case which they may possess any bias, he or she must not allow it to affect their though process in any manner.

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