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Case Study

             All children are capable of positive developmental outcomes. There should be high expectations for all .
             young children, regardless of their backgrounds and experience. Each child is unique. Each grows and .
             develop skills and competencies at their own pace. Some children may have a developmental delay or .
             disability that may require program staff members to adapt expectations or experiences so that individual .
             children can successfully achieve a particular benchmark. A typical child at this age should be able to read .
             with understanding and fluency and comprehend a broad range of reading materials. The child should be .
             able to read and understand literature representative of various societies, eras and ideas. The child also .
             should be able to write and communicate for a variety of purposes. Should be able to to listen with .
             understanding and respond to directions and conversations. The child should be able to communicate needs, .
             ideas and thoughts. The child should be able to communicate information with others, relate prior .
             knowledge to new information, seek answers to questions through active exploration, and also be able to .
             use drawing and writing skills to convey meaning information. A child at this age should be able to engage .
             in active play using gross and fine motor skills, participate in developmental activities related to physical .
             fitness, coordinate movements to perform complex tasks, and follow simple safety rules while participating .
             in activities. The child also should be able to follow rules and procedures when participating in group .
             physical activities. Demonstrating ability to cooperate with other during group physical activities, and .
             acting independently in caring for personal hygiene needs should also be reached. The child also should be .
             able to develop an awareness of personal identity and positive self-concept. A child at this age should be .
             able to use appropriate communication skills when expressing needs, wants and feelings, show some .

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