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Social Issues and Change in America

            ​It never really dawns on people just how much things change with time. Not only in personal affairs but also amongst the world. Over time, laws and policies, economic status, social status and order, all change, affecting many people. Sometimes those changes create social problems in the world. For example, look at just about any large city that is heavily populated or any poor neighborhood that is over populated; crime rates are significantly higher. This isn't just in the neighborhoods of the highly publicized Chicago or California, but all over causing an uproar and even protest turned into riots. Why? That is what makes this a social problem, an ongoing unanswered unchanged problem among individuals all over the world . A social problem is not something as simple as one school having Apple laptops while another school has Dell. A social problem is a problem that affects individual all across the world enough to create a public outcry for change. A problem that can be solved but must first be spoken upon agreed upon and recognized as a problem affecting more than just a few people.
             ​One rising social problem in todays society is health care. For years health care amongst Americans has been a widely speculated topic. In many countries, the government pays for health care by taxpayers paying government funds and fees which supply the healthcare for everyone. In America however, health care has always been optional. With health care being optional it primarily prompted for the upper working class to pay for health insurance, the working middle class the option of paying for health insurance or not and the lower class the option of not paying for health insurance if unfordable. The issue with optional health insurance became the expensive medical bills that patients who couldn't afford health insurance would be left to pay. To receive medical attention is not free and depending on the type of medical attention needed, it can cost anywhere from zero to thousands of dollars.

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