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Issues of Native Americans in America

            Native Americans are the indigenous people of the America's and they had.
             to endure some major changes to their lifestyles due to the arrival of the.
             Europeans. Before their way of life was interrupted, Native Americans had.
             their own structured ways of preserving the land and living together in.
             tribes. When the Europeans arrived, Native Americans were forced to change.
             or abandon most of the ideals they had developed over many years of.
             occupying the land. In the new America Native Americans faced a lot of.
             changes, from a sociological perspective pluralism, social stratification,.
             assimilation, prejudice and discrimination while finding themselves in the.
             minority all began to affect their culture. In this discussion we will.
             examine how the aforementioned sociological terms impact the Native.
             American culture today.
             For the most part, Native Americans have been able to keep most of.
             their traditional clothing and customs intact despite having to vacant.
             their lands for reservations. It is evident even in today's America, for.
             instance in the great northwest, totem poles can be viewed where tribes.
             like Ojibwe still keep the custom of building them (Shumway, Jackson.
             1995). With the help of commercialism by the United States many Native.
             American customs are recognizable to the people that dwell outside of their.
             culture. Out of the many cultures in the U.S. Native Americans have done an.
             admirable job of holding on to their native culture.
             When it comes to social stratification the Native American's were .
             the hardest hit victims of social hierarchy. Being the original.
             owners of this land they were simply brushed aside to make way for the.
             European lifestyles. As America progressed with building a powerful country.
             the needs of the Native American's were often put on the back.
             burner and often ignored. Reservations were established.
             in the mid 1800's to justify taking Native American land as the U.S.
             rapidly moved it's way westward (http://www.

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