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Problems Faced by Native American Indians

            There are many people that realize what problems Native Americans deal with that are expressed in the book, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. This is important because it helps people realize what problems Native Americans go through such as, poor living conditions, the harsh expectations for someone to leave the rez, and the overall health of the Native Americans, all of these problems are important to address because it shows that Naive Americans need help in the sense that they need to be guided to the right path to where the can support themselves without any interference.
             To begin, one of the problems expressed in the book, is the living conditions of the Native Americans, this a huge problem because majority Native Americans live in low quality houses, this are major problem because it has a huge impact on the family and the community. In the Meriam Report it states that "The Native Americans are easily sickened because they are closer together." this is a problem because if a family is sick and interacts with other families than the sickness is spreading causing more people to get sick, this is especially bad when it is a deadly disease. Based off of the text it can detrimental if there is a sickness going through the community it could be harmless in some cases but there still is a chance where the disease is fatal and it just spreads like wildfire. In addition, without enough nutrients if there ever was a sickness the average Native Americans Immune System would already be crippled by the lack of vitamins and nutrients. An example of this is, if there was a forest but it had not received enough water or sunlight for quite sometime, then all of a sudden a fire starts the fire wouldn't have any trouble with burning through the forest because it would so dry, that is what it would be like in your body in the sense of how fast the virus would through it.

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