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Diseases of the Native American

            America is currently one of the strongest countries in terms of technology, industry, and economy in the world. From an overall perspective of this country, the American citizens benefit a lot because their rights are well protected from the government. However, ironically, those "American citizens" do not originally belong to this country. Their ancients, several generations back to about 400 years ago, were all immigrants from Europe, such as British, French, and Spanish. Therefore, people may wonder which group of people really rooted from this land, and the answer is really obvious -- Native Americans. According to the statistic punished by government called "American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month: November 2011", the population of Native American in 2010 is about "2.9 million were American Indian and Alaska Native only, and 2.3 million were American Indian and Alaska Native in combination with one or more other races" (American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month: November 2011). Comparing American's whole population which is about 300 million people, Native Americans are about 2 percent or less out of it. Why does the population of Native Americans like this? Where are those Native American? What factors affect the population? There are so many questions coming out from people's mind. In my perspective, I think the American governments were trying to exterminate Native Americans. First, they use warfare. For example, back to 1637, the ancient Indians attended the Pequot war with the English Puritans which made Indian's tribes burn and hundreds of Indians were killed. Furthermore, they pushed unequal rights to revise Native Americans. For example, when the railroad was building, Native Americans were forced to leave their homeland and move westward. Later on, the government pushed the Dawes Act in 1887 which tried to assimilate Native American to the "American citizens", and the result for Indians was that their lands lost about two third, and also their properties (The Dawes Act 1887).

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