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Society and Social Issues

            Controlling government issues is important element and reinforces our success as nation. These articles, however, have forced me to contemplate that issues surrounding life of individuals within the nation are equally important.
             All these readings share a basic theme; the theme is society and social issues. In last decade there have been noteworthy advancements in attaining socio-economic developments, advocating extensive support for democratic values and strengthening the framework of social Justice through ample social work. However at the same time the issues regarding in-equal social justice have not only been the recurring theme but are now expanding in many parts of the world. To thwart the propagation of social tensions due to inequality in social justice, social workers have to pull them self by their own bootstraps and work effortlessly with the honesty of purpose to ensure social justice.
             The reforms of social workers should focus on issues of social justice and every other dimension such as unemployment, discrimination and poverty associated with it. One of the fundamental doctrines of the social value states that governments are responsible for getting engaged in political and social practices that seeks to ensure that every individual would have equal access to services, resources, employment and opportunities they need to meet their basic human needs. The social workers are responsible for spreading the awareness regarding the impacts of political situations on society and should support the alterations in legislation and policies to improvise the social conditions to promote social Justice (Lundy, 2011). .
             The basic idea regarding the social workers challenge in social justice is that professionals involved in social working organizations are responsible for pursuing the social change, most importantly with and on behalf of individuals who are vulnerable and oppressed.

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