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Canadian Social Issues

            Each year, United Ways and Centraides raise upwards of $480 million, the majority of which is reinvested in local communities to support programs and services ("United Way"). According to the article, "United Way Mission", it explains how the United Way helps neighboring communities that need financial and emotional support. The article explains how the community's volunteer and financial resources are mobilized to meet urgent human needs and improve the social life of everyone. It goes on to explain that by more than 200,000 volunteers, United Ways and Centraides are improving the lives of individuals in their community. Next the article mentions that volunteers create resources by sitting on United Way-Centraide boards, local fundraising, and helping out in other abilities. Finally, each year the United Way works with the government and communities to fight against poverty,¬†help homelessness, and families or individuals in crisis or need (United Way). In order to understand some of the social problems that people face in Canada it is necessary to identify the causes of those systemic issues such as lack of education, family relationship issues and newcomer's assimilation into Canadian culture. .
             To begin with, lack of education could lead to systemic social issues. First, for financial reason people leave school. People in poverty need to earn money to support their families. They do not have time to go to school. For example, a child of 16 years works with minimum wages, instead of going school, to support family. Second, many children leave school because of bullying. The bullied child does not like the school because of emotional or physical torture. For example, a bullied child may think that school is only for stronger children. Third, people with special needs may not go to school because of limited accessibility. Not all the special needs people have same condition.

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