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            The reform movement in Canada was a movement of change, just as seen in the United States, but with more of a focus on social reform with a concentration in religious purpose, and for a reform of morality. Many people had their own ideas for what should be done to reform the political and social systems of Canada, but in the end, they all were driving for the same measure of change, and in the same degree. "They were all motivated by a generalized sense of crisis, founded on a variety of fears, such as the spread of moral decay, the threat of class hatreds, and the growth of vested interests." (Paul Rutherford, "Tomorrow's Metropolis: The Urban Reform Movement in Canada, 1880 - 1920") By analyzing the ingredients of the ideal society around the year of 1920, it is conclusive that when considering our society today, the reformers of the day were realistic in the programs for change. .
             To focus primarily, for a moment, on class struggle, would be the best way to begin the description of the utopia that reformers had in mind. Following the industrial revolution, three classes of people were born. The first being the wealthiest in the country, the upper class, included entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. Secondly was the middle class, collecting moderate income, and generally owning his or her own small business or being a factory worker. The lower class consisted of people considered at that time as "slums", generally being factory workers, unfortunate with their money, and immigrants, unable to make it in the industrial world. The reformer knew only best how influential the class struggle was on Canadian government. The upper class or those of higher social standing had a lot to say and do with the government at the time. Money could talk, and many of these people were in control of the countries communication and transportation stations, thus giving themselves a desired edge when it came to the government.

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