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Sociological Imagination - Troubles and Public Issues

            The term of sociological imagination was provided by C. Wright Mills in order to explain the connections between the life of the individual and the phenomenon which is related to the social life. In my opinion, the concept of "sociological imagination" provides humanitarian grounds (primarily) disciplines to get away from one-dimensionality and not to be tied to any particular place or identity. Therefore, trying to see the current situation and the particular person in it as a consistent change of certain trends, ages, political slogans, can be more accurately (and humanistic understanding) to understand Israelis who attack Palestinians, the right-hander in Poland or return to the style and ideology of curves thirties of the last century in modern Russia. All this knowledge on history, international politics make possible the clear understanding of the individual (ie, personal history, education, gender is also taken into account) at a certain point of history and territory.
             An important characteristic of the sociological imagination is the understanding that any modern social phenomenon is a legacy of the past, a kind of cultural and social traditions, and also it has implications for modern people's actions in different ways. Although, one should not perceive this concept as a new revolutionary way to understand society, because a lot of scholars find: "positions it in terms of Mills's ambition to return sociology to the great European tradition of nineteenth-century sociology in which the discipline was the diagnosis and palliative for the whole social condition." (Brewer, 2004).
             Sociological Imagination focuses on the dynamics and it does not recognize the static approaches, because different social institutions, organizations, political regimes and economic systems are seen as constantly changing, they are continuously evolving. The sociological imagination allows people to understand the relations between a biography of the individual and historical development of the society.

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