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Looking at the Right to Die

             Deann has read over numerous articles, journal entries, and websites on the right to die. She has gathered information from these sources which she discusses in this paper on how medical advances has changed an individual's right to die and what a controversial issue it is. Deann will include the different forms of euthanasia, the guidelines that people follow, and some ethical issues that individuals might encounter.
             Past and Present.
             Before the 1950s, the right to die was of little significance because there was not much that could be done to save the life of a terminally patient let alone extend the life of one (Berk, 2014). However, with the advances that have taken place in technology over the years and more importantly the medical advances it is possible to extend now or prolong life (Berk, 2014). Unfortunately, extending an individual's life does not always guarantee a life worth living. Many times prolonging an individual's life in such a manner created issues such as diminished quality of life and decreased personal dignity (Berk, 2014).
             The Choice.
             Most individuals, when asked, would choose to die with dignity. People want to be able to die agony free during sleep, or they want to have a few final moments to review their life with friends and family and say their goodbyes (Berk, 2014).
             Deann read many articles and websites to get ready for this assignment and they all, for the most part, were for the right to life decision. However, there were a few that had opposing opinions. These articles discussed that it was not just about the quantity of life, but also about the quality of life (Berk, 2014). The consensus is that the amount of life does not matter as much if there is not quality to it.
             The Negative Side.
             The articles had information about how individuals feel that the passing of the right to die law can have adverse effects such as:.
             1. Those in critical conditions or physically challenged may choose to end their lives just to discharge families of economic burdens (Garrison, 2007).

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