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Good Reputations and the Road to Success

            There are a lot of people in this world with bad reputations and with good reputations. People are more likely to hang around people with good reputations. I know a lot of people that I associate myself with that have good reputations. The thing about reputations is it takes so much time and effort to build one, but only one minute to completely destroy the reputation that you have built. For example, I have my best friend and my mother. When I was in the first grade I had met Trisha Mathison who has been my best friend for almost 12 years. She was in the 3rd grade when I met her. Everything about her is smart, beautiful, and bright. Trisha's life if filled with good people and is loved by many. She gives off very respectable and honest vibes, and that's why I keep her close to me. Being around someone like her I will eventually reflect them and also be known to have a great reputation. A lot of people take pride if they have a good reputation and are admired and respected by others. The reasons why Trisha has such a good reputation is because she is loyal and very honest.
             A lot of people including me find Trisha to be loyal. Being loyal means never saying anything that may shame anyone in public or even in private. It means to keep anything and everything that is not your business to yourself. Never once did she blurt anything out about people, and she never talked bad about anyone. She is always there for her friends and family during anything that goes on emotionally or physically. She is an amazing friend that has and will always keep her word and sided with me on everything. Her loyalty gave her a lot of amazing friendships that could last her a life time and one of them is with me. For example, in high school, something embarrassing happened to one of her friends during class. Instead of telling everyone and going around talking about it, she got up and helped her and then never spoke of it again.

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