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Factors Microenvironments and Macroenvironments

            Microenvironment and Macroenvironment factors and forces outside marketing that will affect MangalEstate ability to build and maintain successful relationships with target customers. Microenvironment, The Builders, Real-estate, Insurance, accounting, legal subcontractors and Owners need to work in harmony within the business. They directly impact the marketing plan and action of the company. The entire operation must be thinking the "customer" to provide customer satisfaction and value. MangalEstate owners will periodically evaluate subcontractors to insure no conflicts and good working relationships. .
             The suppliers L & S Surveying Corp, Keystone Realty, New Construction Inc. and Apartment Construction, are a critical link in MangalEstate overall customer value delivery system. We plan on partnering with these suppliers and monitor their resources availability. Recourse shortage, delays, labor issues and the unforeseen events will cost our company time, money and damage customer satisfaction long-term. Marketing Intermediary, Keystone Realty will be used to promote and sell to potential buyers and renters locally. Caribbean newspapers in Miami, Queens, and Toronto will be used to generate leads for buyers and renters. Accountant, Insurance, and Legal intermediary will insure against the risks associated with all financial transactions. MangalEstate will work closely with the intermediaries to insure they are in the company's best interest and to build stronger working relationships.
             Competition, there are many competitors in the Real-estate market in Trinidad. MangalEstate closest competitors are real-estate investors and developers. They build in two classes, low and luxury amenities homes and apartments. My target buyers perceive them to be expensive and not concerned with the customer needs. The competition weaknesses are not building to match the customer lifestyle and budget.

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