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Healthy Shake 3000

             Developing a new product for the public is never an easy undertaking. The number of new products that actually make it is insignificant to the total numbers that are actually produced. We at Marketing Greek Connection believe we have found one of those products that will make an impact and ultimately be successful. The product is a state of the art vending machine that will be in every gym, day spa, office building, apartment complex and school around the Houston area. The vending machine is called the Healthy Shake 3000. The Healthy Shake 3000 will provide our customers with an almost endless amount of healthy alternatives to the soda. This information will provide sales, costs, profits, market, competitors, distribution, and the macroenvironment.
             Healthy Shake 3000.
             The Healthy Shake 3000 is a vending machine that produces a healthy alternative to the soda. The machine, for a minimal price of $1.50, can produce a 16-ounce fruit smoothie with herbal supplements for consumers that are looking for refreshing, yet healthy beverages. The smoothies are made from nine different fruits and two vegetables. The fruits and vegetables include: cranberry, grape, raspberry, peach, orange, apple, banana, mango, blueberry, carrot and tomato. The machine also contains twelve different herbal supplements that can be added to any of the smoothies. The supplements are: ginseng, alfalfa, ginkgo biloba, Echinacea, wheat grass, spirulina micro algae, a composition of 13 vitamins and minerals, calcium, garlic, grape seed extract, Mexican Yam Extract, proanthocyanidin antioxidant and amino acid supplements. A description and the benefits of all these ingredients will be displayed on the front of the machine. The customer receives a mixture of three of these fruits or vegetables with one supplement for one price or can choose additional ingredients for 20 cents extra for each additional ingredient.

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