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Isagenix: Products and Sales

            Everyday thousands of commercials market today's newest health craze. One product seems to triumph them all. Isagenix is more than just a typical advertised nutritional plan, it's a state of the art, scientifically tested, major performance supplement plan. It safely and effectively helps with appetite, muscle build, body fat, stress, and improving energy. .
             For any person trying to improve their lifestyle and become healthy, Isagenix is the answer. It's not only a product; instead, Isagenix has now become a movement of sorts. Isagenix not only sells healthy living supplements, but it promotes it itself, both in the mind and body. The demand to be a part of the better lifestyle movement makes these types of products very sellable. Selling wellness products such as Isagenix can easily lead to financial freedom. The 3 steps to get there are to: know your product inside and out, have tried product and be an example of its success yourself, and to actually sell the product by making connections and selling your brand.
             To market and advertise a product, one has to know information on it that makes it appealing, or special. Part of what makes Isagenix so special is its step by step creation. All Isagenix products start from raw materials. These basic raw materials are first shipped to one of the Isagenix laboratories, where they are then quarantined. After quarantine, each raw material is carefully tested for heavy metals, PBC's, fungicides, herbicides, and microbial activity. If and only if the raw materials pass all tests, then it is sent to another laboratory for secondary testing. Only after the second test, can the raw materials be used to make the finished product. Once the product is finished, it is sent to another laboratory for additional testing for the same things. Only if it 100% passes all the tests, can it be shipped off for sale. Isagenix is also well supported by the scientific community.

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