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Disciplines and Traits of a Strong Writer

            Many people may use writing as a way to express their thoughts and feelings. Some people write to try and persuade others how to perceive something. Others may find writing comforting when they are feeling down. Writing means different things for many different people. I write mainly for academic purposes, but also as an escape from the real world when I am having a bad day. .
             I have always been a strong writer. It has always been something that has come easy to me. It is also something that I have always been successful with in school. I am curious about certain prompts dealing with topics such as politics and human rights. I am not afraid to say what I want in my writings, even if it may not be what most people want to hear. One weakness I lack along with this though, is having a hard time being open minded.
             I never have a problem voicing my opinion in my writing, but I sometimes have a hard time reading or listening to what others have to say about the same topic. For example, in American Democracy last week we had a debate on if Collin Kapernick had a just reason for not standing during the national anthem. I voiced my opinion during this debate, but did not want to hear anyone's opinion that didn't match mine. This may be a common problem among people, but I need to start trying to open myself up to other people's opinions and really listen to what they have to say.
             The other weakness I obtain is lack of creativity. I tend to have a hard time stepping out of my comfort zone. I like to stick with what is comfortable to me. I use the same methods of research to gather my information and represent my information gathered because it has always worked for me. I use the internet or books to gather my research. I don't like asking people for their personal experiences or knowledge on topics. My grandpa has been in the Vietnam War, but even when I had to do research on that specific war I did not go and get his insight.

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