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America and the Grip of Mass Hysteria

            Yes, America has become a nation that lives in the grip of mass hysteria. Due to the increasing amount of terrorist attacks and hostile racial differences across the globe, and even hear on the home front, America has become cautious and wary to these kinds of incidents. Whether it is shutting down schools because of terroristic threats, refusing to allow Muslims to travel on an airplane, or some of the American populous harassing Syrian refugees, America has become more fearful than it has been in quite some time. In one case we have an email sent to a school board member threatening a lethal attack on multiple schools, naming the sites, how students would be harmed and the specific date these attacks would take place. The superintendent of the schools ordered the schools to remain closed because of the fear of violence and to avoid the endangerment of the students and faculty, a decision made because of the recent Oregon community college campus massacre in October and the San Bernardino terrorist shootings in December. "It was a first for us, in terms of the breadth of the threat and the specificity," (Conrad Article One; Page One). The previous week, the Los Angeles school system also shut down for a day because of a similar threat of terrorist attacks against multiple schools. In November of 2015, the University of Chicago cancelled classes and activities for a day, after discovering a social media post that talked of killing "16 white male students and or staff" and "any number of white policemen"; Western Washington University suspended classes after a post suggested lynching a student leader; and Washington College in Maryland closed for several days after a distraught student disappeared with a gun. .
             Another, probably the strongest, case that proves America has fallen into the clutches of the "Arab Scare" is the one where a Muslim family, from England, was barred from traveling to Los Angeles, California, USA.

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