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Mentoring in an Orgaization

            Over the course of the last several years, changes in the fundamental culture that drive the organization has served as the impetus for many leaders and managers to consider new methods for harnessing the potential of available human capital. While many authors seem to agree that taping human capital is one of the best methods for propelling the organization forward, consensus on how to achieve this goal has proven elusive. Many programs undertaken by organizations to improve the function and utility of the organization have fallen dramatically short of expectation. Such has been the case with knowledge management paradigms.
             With the realization that human capital in the organization must be tapped in order to improve the success of the organization, many authors have considered the use of mentoring programs as a method to improve the function of the organization, one member at a time. As the number of experts in the field embracing mentorship increases, there is a need to examine this process to determine its relevance and applicability to the organization. To this end, this investigation considers how mentorship in the organization can improve the overall function and success of the organization. After which, some conclusions about the utility of mentorship in he organization are developed.
             Evaluating the importance of mentoring in the organization, de Janasz, Sullivan, and Whiting (2003) note that, "Exerts agrees that individuals with mentors earn higher salaries, have higher job satisfaction, get more promotions and have greater organizational commitment. In additionprotégés receive support that enhances their sense of personal identity, role clarity, and interpersonal competence" (p. 78). What de Janasz elucidates in this analysis is that the process of mentoring can have marked ramifications, not only for the individual and his or her career, but also for the organization as a whole.

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