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Proving the Existence of God

            Questions about God's existence have been a source of confusion, debates, and disagreements for thousands of years, with believers, atheists, and agnostics holding various positions regarding the existence of a Supreme Being (Kreeft, 2013). As Pack (2013) notes, millions of people believe that God exists, but few can offer strong proofs of such a claim. Further, any means of proving God's existence would solve many controversial debates and lay questions about the origin of life to rest. A look at the intelligent design principle and the nature of the human mind indicate that it is possible to prove God's existence.
             Arguments based on design involve a strong premise that the existence of any design suggests the presence of its designer. Kreeft (2013) explores the intelligent design principle, noting that there is irrefutable evidence of detailed design in the entire universe that leads to conclusions about the existence of a universal designer. The author weighs the strengths of the design argument against scientific claims based on random chance, indicating that many people admit to the presence of a designer behind both known and unexplainable objects. For example, most people would arrive at a logical conclusion that any legible writings or evident housing structures in a deserted island are the results of human civilization, which is a better explanation than random acts of nature such as hurricanes. In a similar fashion, one cannot attribute a painting or sculpture to random chance, with Kreeft (2013) arguing that such chance would only explain design just once in a million times. Extending the same argument to the universe indicates that its highly designed nature must be the work of a grand designer. Given that there is almost universal agreement that the universe bears detailed design and order, it is illogical to attribute such design to highly improbable chance while explaining mysterious objects on Earth such as the Stonehenge as designs from past human civilizations.

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