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Adventures in Reading

            I remember my third grade teacher reading a Junie B. Jones book out loud in class during our story time. That year I had learned not all books were filled with colorful pictures and never ending rhymes. My teacher took the class to our school library and taught us how it worked. Each book had it's own genre and its own creator in which the books were organized by. Thanks to Mrs.Bean, my teacher, introducing Junie to me, I picked up on the whole series. After finishing the rest of Junie B. Jones, I moved onto a variety of mystery books and more importantly, Magic Tree House books. The stories were so adventurous which satisfied my wide imagination.
             After some growing up and reading more, all I read were chapter books which were mostly required to read for English or Writing classes. Sometimes I enjoyed the books. Other times, I dreaded the books. In middle school, I read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for an English class. I was so infatuated by the book that I read a couple more books written by Mark Twain. The fact that those books were made over 120 years ago was something I found quite interesting. I liked that they were from a different time period because society was completely different. It was almost like it was an escape from reality even though it would have been someone else's reality in the 1880s.
             Once I reached high school, I did not care much for reading anymore. Every time I would try to read a book, which was still a required book to read for class, I would notice my eyes jumping all over the page. Literally. I had a hard time trying to focus on reading a line on the page. Many times I read, it would give me a bad headache or just complete frustration. Not long after my eyes had betrayed me, I gave reading up. To stay on the same page in class, I would listen to audiobooks of whichever book we were assigned in class, or just listen to someone on YouTube read the book. Eventually, I just kind of winged it and would Google search summaries of the books I was supposed to be reading.

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