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The Advantages of Reading Books

            With the rising of technology in these recent years, it is vitally important for people to remember that reading books still play a significant role in daily life. Without having the proper knowledge which originally comes from reading books, the invention and innovation of technological gadgets that people are using today might not even exist. Books are the main foundation for people to learn about the world, the past, the present, and the possible future. As the saying goes, "Life without books is like a house without windows" (Mann). The benefits of reading books are enormous. Some books inspire, some books teach, and some deliver a person to an entirely different world. In other words, reading books is not only an eye-opening hobby in one sitting, but it is also a life-changing experience as it enhances the brain's connectivity, increases knowledge and vocabulary, improves a person's mental and emotional health, and his social life.
             In this day and age, people are often busy working around the clock. However, it is absolutely necessary to stop for a moment and recharge one's energy. This can be done by engaging in hobbies. Hobbies are something that one does for pleasure or relaxation and does not mind doing it again and again. No doubt, reading is at the top list. Thankfully, it is an inexpensive hobby. It can actually be 100% free if one visits the local library. With recent digital gadgets and tablets, one can also access free-eBooks. Besides, reading books is not just another common hobby; it is also an adventure, a lifestyle. It is one way to make stories or experiences come alive. Even though there is an old Chinese saying that goes "one time seeing is better than thousand times reading," one cannot be going everywhere at the same time. This is when reading comes into place. One can learn about the past, how people survived the World Wars (for example, Diary of A Young Girl by Anne Frank).

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