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             Internet is one of the most widely used technology around the world.it is used primarily by academic and the scientific community for conducting researches. specific topics can be found in the internet to search through thousand of computers around the world.
             Statement of the Problem:.
             The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet?.
             Importance of the Study:.
             For us to be aware that our technology is widely developed. Through this study, we can inform that internet has a big help.
             Objectives of the Study:.
             1.To be aware about the internet , their uses and their advantages.
             2.For us to know how to operate/use internet.
             Definition of Terms.
             Internet- is composed of small networks that linked together to form big network.
             Technology- helps us to make our work easier.
             Instrument used: through books, magazines, encyclopedias, and other reading materials.
             Data Gathering Procedure:.
             Reading books.
             I therefore conclude that internet helps us to widen our knowledge. It is very useful.
             I recommend everybody must know how to use computers for them to be aware of what is happening in the world.

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