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North Korea and the Help We Must Give

            Throughout the years, we have seen the lives of the North Korean people deal with much violence, threats, suffering and inequality. It is our time to step in and help these people. There are many strategies on dealing with this problem, yet the best one that we could take as America is help the North Korean people by supplying them with foreign things and military weapons in order to help them rebel against their government and horrible dictator. The reason as to why this plan would work is because one, the North Korean people will be enraged once they find out the truth, giving them more strength to fight back. Two, if we supply the people with military weapons they will they have more power to fight against their government and their leader due to the fact that they have weapons that can protect them. And lasty, if more and more people learn about these things more are willing to fight back even if that means that they jeopardize their life. .
             According to BCC, North Korea is a "totalitarian state" meaning the government subordinates the individual to the state and strictly regulates rules that can not be broken. Due to that fact the North Korean people have no idea of what goes on outside of their country. For that reason, we has America should supply the people of North Korea with foreign things because once the people realize the truth about what the outside world really is they will be furious with the government due to the fact that they have been living a lie practically their whole life. Once they realizes that, they will rebel against their leader and fight back in order to receive the power and freedom that they actually deserve. .
             Not only should we supply them with foreign things, but we should supply them with military weapons such as guns, that way they have even more power to rebel against their government. North Korea is currently in fifth place with the largest army according to Global Security.

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