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war: Yes or No

             A war with Iraq might be a well-supported idea by many or most Americans as of right now. However, do most if any know why they are even supporting such a course of military action? .
             Has anyone really stopped and thought about why he is singling out Iraq? He is spreading the belief that Iraq will give weapons to terrorist groups that may or may not use them against us one day. It seems as though he is cashing in on the grief and anger that has been increasing since September 11th, 2001. We were all looking for someone to put the blame on; and now we have it, right? - Someone who had no part in the events of the World Trade Center destruction but who just might, according to Bush, help terrorist out against us one day. We couldn't get Osama Bin Laden, so now we must try to get another supposed terrorist group supporter. These aren't grounds for a war with Iraq. .
             Our President believes one of the reasons for waging a war against Iraq is the Iraqi development of weapons of mass destruction. There are stories of the supposed threat our country faces due to these weapons. The reason why Iraq will not allow for inspection is because they have tried to get permission lifted for agreeing to such inspections. Meanwhile, the U.S. has refused. This can't be a justifiable reason for a war with Iraq since there are other nations including England, North Korea and France that also have weapons like these yet there isn't anything being done about that when North Korea is one of our enemies. .
             Bush is trying to convince a nation to wage a war against Iraq for reasons that he cannot justify. This war seems more about power and economic gain than it is a war against terrorism. .

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