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Iraqi War

             War is over, but the battle to protect Iraq's children is far from won.
             This article is basically about Iraqi children facing problems even after the war is over. The article pinpoints on several reasons supporting the main idea. The main idea is branched down into several small ideas which makes the article more interesting. .
             There are many strengths and weaknesses that can be found in this article. After reading this article we can see that a lot of information has been given, which makes the article strong and informative however looking on the negative side to this we can see that the person who has written this article has made it too long which looses the reader's interest because after a while the same things are repeated over and over again. The second weakness that we can pinpoint is that, even though the main idea is branched down into several small sections, a person's opinion is always being told. Keeping in mind that a reader doesn't always want people's opinions when reading an article, and in this article it is being repeated over and over again. However this can be looked as a strength too because we are being presented with various ideas from one person, and facts are being presented from one point of view. There are a couple of strengths in this article but they can also be presented as weaknesses or the other way around.
             The main key idea in this article has been mentioned before, however there is more to the key idea. We know that this article is about Iraqi children facing problems. People talk about their experiences and their opinions. Yes, i do agree with the key idea because this article has made its point strong enough by presenting various idea for me to believe that yes, Iraqi children are facing problems. This article also states a couple of solutions which covers up the whole key idea and makes more sense. Enough facts are presented, and enough ideas are also presented to support the facts or any ideas.

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