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Dictatorship Under the Third Reich

            The day Adolf Hitler was announced Chancellor of Germany marked the beginning of one of the most devastating epochs in world history. It was his dictatorship that inflamed the hatred of Jews amongst Germany. It was also his dictatorship and his notorious propaganda that led to World War II and the deaths of over six million Jews (Cesarani). But what did Hitler do to establish this inimical dictatorship? First he formed his anti-semitic political party, next he used propaganda to gain power and spread hatred against Jews, then he created laws to cause uttermost suffering for Jews, and at last he expanded his rule to other European countries.
             Foremost, Hitler started off his career as a propaganda officer of the German Workers' Party, one of Germany's political parties later known as the Nazis. This political party supported anti- semitism, or the hatred of Jews. They hated Jews simply because they were racially and biologically distinct, and were considered as the inferior part of society. Additionally, the Nazis often used them as scapegoats and blamed them for Germany's defeat in World War I. They claimed that the Jews acquired vast power during the war and led the country to a downfall. Likewise, if Jews were to exist and continue holding its malign power, they would have "stabbed Germany in the back"(Cesarani), according to Hitler.
             Next, Hitler used the art of propaganda to gain renown and to spread anti-semitism. He promised people "a better life and a new, glorious Germany" (Cesarani). He was able to manipulate the citizens of Germany and answer their problems by telling them exactly what they wanted to hear. Moreover, he was able to convince a large majority that Jews were to blame, and he, Hitler, was Germany's last hope. Thus, people began to look up to him. The Nazi Party received the most votes during the political party election in 1932. However they did not reach over 50% of the votes, so he continued to make campaigns.

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