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The Conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar

            The Conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar was initially written as commentaries by Caesar in a third person narrative, allowing the literature to come across more objective and unbiased to its reader. The intended audience at the time would be the inhabitants of Rome, and eventually historians. Knowing that the government would likely be the first to read about his conquest, Caesar often concealed information that would blemish his name and exaggerated that which would garnish it. In doing so, many of his actions seemed justifiable which allowed him to maintain his positive image to the Roman people, and especially those of the senate. .
             Caesar's intentions were not at first to conquer Gaul, but rather Illyria, due to three of his legions being based in Italy. Caesars reason for starting the war was said to be a pre-emptive attack to the possible invasion by the Helvetti, whom he considered to be warlike and prone to violence and also to protect the Roman allies whose lands were being ravished. With the Helvetti's sudden urge to migrate, and the unforeseeable threat that it may cause to the province, Caesar saw this as an opportunity to pursue other interests which he may have possessed for quite a while. One of these interests may have been to pay off the massive amount of debt he incurred when building his political career. Much of this debt was used to increase his reputation among the Roman people and increase his following. If he were able to pay off his debts, that would be one less burden on him, and would impress the senate with his integrity. This is shown when he sold 53,000 of the Atuatuci as punishment for breaking their terms of surrender and attacking with hidden arms. Yet earlier in his conquest when the Verbigeni escaped encampment in fear, a considerably less severe crime, he had them all executed. There are, however, very few times the sale of POW's is mentioned, which is strange with the vast amount of POW's incurred among his conquest.

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