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Love from the First Sip - How to Make Oolong Tea

            Oolong tea is semi-fermented type of tea, and the degree of fermentation is between green tea (low degree of fermentation) and black tea (high degree of fermentation). The process of fermentation is the process of drying fresh tea leaps. One of the most popular oolong teas is milk oolong tea, original name is Jin Huan. It is important to mention that despite of its name, in the production of milk oolong tea, milk is not used; the tea acquires its distinct milky taste after certain technological processes. People like milk oolong tea for its health benefits and special taste. Milk oolong tea consists essential for human's body vitamins and mineral, as well as high concentration of antioxidants. In addition, delicate taste and unique aroma of the tea make people love it from the first sip. The process of brewing milk oolong tea includes preparing the items and ingredients, steeping the tea, and serving and consuming the tea.
             In order to brew milk oolong tea you need one litter of water, a teapot, a cup, a mesh tea infuser (in case of steeping in a cup), and milk oolong tea. First of all, the quality of water is as important as the quality of tea. The best choice is spring or filtered water; though tap water might be acceptable if you are satisfied with its taste. Second of all, you need a tea pot; the best solution is a pottery teapot due to its thermal qualities. However, it is also possible to brew the tea in a cup. If you choose to steep the tea in a cup, then you also need a mesh tea infuser in order to extract tea leaps after steeping. Also, you need a kettle with capacity one litter or more for boiling the water. The last but not least important ingredient is milk oolong tea. Usually it appears as small balls of rolled leaf, dark green color, and can be purchased in tea shops.
             The process of steeping milk oolong tea involves several simple steps. Start by boiling one litter of water in a kettle.

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