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Allowing Students to Bear Arms on College Campuses

             The following letter will stress the importance of emotionally and physiologically stable students and faculty being able to carry a concealed weapon on the college campus. All credible sources will be cited throughout this letter as well as the very end of the letter. Both sides of the topic will be discussed and examples will be given. Although there are many different opinions and emotions toward the topic of gun allowance on college campuses, the main objective is to make the students and faculty feel safe while they are in class and on campus. .
             As you may know, many are intimidated by the thought of allowing guns onto an area that is so densely populated. However, to others, it may seem comforting to think they have something to defend themselves with in case anything drastic were to occur. Of course, if guns were going to be allowed on campus, serious safety precautions would take place. Gun carriers will have to go through background checks and have to preform psychological testing to prove the carrier is perfectly capable and responsible and fit enough to carry a concealed weapon. If the carrier dose not pass the testing or has a questionable background, they will not be permitted to carry a concealed weapon. As for faculty, the same procedures will be performed. If they do pass the test, the weapon is to be safely locked in a gun safe in the classroom, out of sight from the students. The teachers would have their own password to the safe in their own homerooms. The password to the safe would obviously not be shared with any one with the exception of the teacher of the homeroom, and the president of the college. However, if they do not pass, they will simply not be responsible for holding a weapon in their classroom. Whomever carries a concealed weapon on the campus is responsible to notify the president along with his/ her teachers of their weapon. .
             According to B. Gil Horman (8 Arguments for Concealed Carry on Campus; B.

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